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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Eylül 2014, Cuma 12:00

Opened Schools , Children's Health Problems Start

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With the opening of schools and nursery children's health problems began.

Bursa news:
public living areas and spread through droplets of respiratory tract infections caused by viruses , which attach to the increase seen in the emergence of the experts who said that , at the beginning of primary school children said that the controls are very important . Children started learning to read and write at that time stated that the well-being of all functions of Child Health and Disease Specialist Dr. Sabahat Karakasli the other hand, children should be made to do a blood test , he said. Karakasli , \"the children first, anemia Do you have so you're looking at . Because anemia child's learning ability is very affected. Visual impairment if the board can not see and still learning ability is falling. The child's hearing on the slightest suspicion must if you otolaryngologist examined by by hearing tests to be done , \"he said .
during this period, urinary tract infections are common indicating that Karakasli the \"Because a certain age the family with the child's toilet training by breast . But kindergarten or elementary school when he went to next one happens and its cleanliness supposed to do . Toilet cleaning on the children are very resourceful not become and therefore the urinary tract infection appear. collective civic spaces, public use in toilets , hand washing be careful to not parasitic diseases can be seen. upper respiratory tract infections frequently emerges . kindergarten and primary school first , which started years , especially seems too often . Before going to school because children live in a sterile environment . When you go to school is entering a crowded environment . Upper respiratory tract infections droplet infection spread by someone because coughs all of them can pass , \"he said .
Children's nursery pre-or pre-school period until the vaccine should be made attention Karakasli ,\"the kindergarten or school will begin to children a thorough physical examination pass would be advisable . Hearing tests , visual examination , if necessary, ear, nose and throat examination also important to perform . Whether it is appropriate to the child's psychological school , which is in conformity with which school the child should be evaluated . This subject is doing pedagogues child development specialists . Nursery and pre-school education to be very important in the diet , obesity, weight loss due to susceptibility or insufficient food intake are also useful to pay attention , \"he said .

Opened Schools , Children's Health Problems Start" comments for.


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