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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 14:54

His friend was seriously injured by the Rotary Knife

His friend was seriously injured by the Rotary Knife
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A young Karacabey in Bursa , the blade rotates by a friend and was seriously injured in line .

Bursa news:
incident occurred the evening before 23:00 o'clock in the Republic Square. Wedding invitations waiting to deploy Rel Jihad friends . (20) comes from the M.T. (14) and began to chat . Located next to the m.t'n and was allegedly drunk when friends HU (18), soon i Jihad . began discussions with young people leaving their location . Allegedly, H. , \"I tell Kokoreç \"he said. Young people always went to the kebab together. During the wait time and a rotating blade row Jihad attacking HU IE I dread hair . IR Jihad attacks . left arm and right leg was seriously injured in the abdominal cavity . Experienced during the offensive over brawl stabbing HU began to flee . Injured young , after the fleeing attacker fell to the ground as after running about 400 meters . With the help of those who reach a Photo Environment removed a commercial taxi Karacabey State Hospital and excessive blood loss wounded young , after the first intervention was referred to the Uludag University Medical Faculty Hospital . Admitted to the intensive care Jihad i learned that survived the life-threatening , offensive HU (18) was arrested by the court removed arrested by the police.

His friend was seriously injured by the Rotary Knife" comments for.


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