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  • 13 Şubat 2014, Perşembe 15:55

Google Scholar:Uakbis

Google Scholar:Uakbis
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One of the major problems of universities in Turkey can not be recorded with the largest contribution to the academic library system came from Uludag University.

Bursa news:  One of the major problems of universities in Turkey can not be recorded with the largest contribution to the academic library system came from Uludag University. University established under the"UU Academic Information System"(UAKBİS) can be accessed via the internet thanks to all academic information. UAKBİS my academics at the same time that they have made entries in the promotion period will be considered. UU
single center study conducted over the past year transferred to the academic information was made public. Articles, books, papers, projects and other academic output is recorded as a kind of UAKBİS system via the internet can benefit everyone after a short membership application. Online UU academics working in close to two thousand of the 50 thousand entries's vicinity.
UAKBİS features of the system in Turkey as indicating that a first proxy carrying out the Secretary General of Uludag University Rector Prof. Advisor. Dr. Özgür Karabulut,"academicians, through the system of the university organization since manufactured article, convention information, skates, project design, such as books academic outcomes in our system installed in case. Approximately 54 thousand data system available. Course such a large data base has reached After our archive of Bursa stakeholders also provide the service saw fit. UAKBİS search engine provides you with ease, academic data to those who need it in a short time to reach. their professional groups about the academic partner seeking any business arm members want to work with the field where UAKBİS search engine a few key be accessed by typing the words of the issue to the people,"he said.
other universities also SYSTEM IS EXPECTED TO USE
program currently in Turkey, Prof. voicing newly begun to be recognized. Dr.. Karabululut,"I predict within a few months from other universities, the demand will come. Currently, the Higher Education Council (HEC), a similar restructuring is going. HEC, academics promotion period, which was written monuments own data base wants you to go. Yet a built-in system because it is not academics this data old-fashioned way is trying to convey, and that certain difficulties barber brings. YOK this work with other universities from the system benefit will have to. example, we system in our academicians data is available because not automatically required data transfer and the difficulties we destroy. Darısı All of our universities alone,"he said.
UAKBİS functioning of the system provides information about the free Khan,"via the Internet received the subscription then sought regarding the project all of the information to reach electronically project management centers to communicate with the cuff"he said.

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