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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 13:29

Exports from the Netherlands Pepper Paste Kulaca

Exports from the Netherlands Pepper Paste Kulaca
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Installation located in Bursa İnegöl Fathoms Agricultural Development Cooperative hot pepper paste is exported to the Netherlands .

Bursa news: Kulaç indicating that continues to work towards a Photo Export Agricultural Development Cooperative President Ahmet Ugur, \"although weakness for agricultural products in our country , our cayenne pepper around 400 tons of the season early in the agreement as a result we made the Netherlands paste had our commitment . We are about to complete it now . we will fulfill our commitment , \"he said .
Inegöl in expressing damaged by frost of pepper Ugur, \"At the moment usually comes peppers from MustafaKemalPasa . was wasted due to frost pepper in our own region. Yet a little according to the farmers growing other product pepper more pleased. we will increase the hot pepper cultivation in the coming years . I believe that the gains we do this to our farmers and farm workers , \"he said . Stating that they started in August
Export Ugur, \"in preparation for the paste will chillies sent to the Netherlands began in August. this year, rainfall is more than impressed us. our connection to the Netherlands went through 400 tons. we sent 190 tons so far. Would go step by step already . So we sent 190 tons so far . They will have 15-20 days to arrive in the Netherlands . Until now, should workers'wages, we do need to get all without disrupting our obligatory payment. Our cooperative can stand on its own feet, a common scale that adds value to the Turkish economy is a business , \"he said .
TOMATO PASTE prices increased
promised an increase of 25-30 percent in this year's tomato paste prices Ahmet Ugur , indicating that the subjects are told:
\"This year, climate , and there are still some problems arising from Turkey's agricultural policy can not be put in order. Because last year, which is very cheap and plentiful tomato planting this year, and fell quite yield due to weather conditions. Tomato producers did not meet the demand . Prices were increased by 25-30 percent. Although some decline in quality , although , taken Fathoms to paste favorites like . Our sales in the domestic market is going normally. Weighing 40 tons to 80 tons will raise in our cooperative . \"


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